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 Smart phones are everywhere. They are easy to use for high quality photographs and video. Almost all of the pictures and video that are taken by guests at events usually end up spread out over different Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media accounts. Our revolutionary application automatically uploads all of the pictures and videos as they are taken by all of the different guests at an event and brings them all together into one web page that everyone can view and share. For example, if 8 to 10 people are taking video and photographs at a wedding, the bride and groom may see a few of those pictures or videos, if they are tagged on Facebook. Our system gives the bride and groom a web page that lets them see all of the photographs and videos that all of their guests have taken. This webpage is represented by a link that can be emailed or texted to friends and relatives so that everyone can see all of the high quality images and videos that were taken by the guests at their wedding or event. We also design a customized template for your event where all the pictures that were sent in before the event and during the event can be displayed in a live interactive Slide show. We can even add You tube video links or specific MP3 songs to your event page. You can also post messages or specific information about your event in the News Article section of your event with Announcements, Events, or Happenings. It is a great new interactive way for you and your guest to have fun at your next event.

We can create a personalized Event page for your event of Special Day. You, your guest, family and friends can simply go to our Company page and click on the specific event or use the custom link for the event to go straight to the event and start uploading photos and videos to the Event page. We can then display all the photos that were sent in before hand and during the event in a live slide show played in a customized photo template on a variety of different display options. You and your guest can continue to upload photos and videos event after the event is over. You can share the link for the page on all social media sites and guest, family and friends can continue your journey by going to the event page and adding photos and videos and check out all the photos from before, during and after the event and beyond. You are able to download and share as many photos as you would like. Guests are also able to leave custom captions with their photos.

Another great option, create your own Photo Booth. Set up your photo area, add a few props or not, set up an I-pad, we set it up straight to the camera and photo area on the event page, and your all set. As you and your guest take photos we send them straight to the live Slide show and they are also displayed on the event page for all your guest to see. You and your guest can then go to the event page and download all of their photos from the event. Don't worry we can help you set all of this up.

There are so many possibilities and options we can customize for your event. For example we can set up a chat option for your event so your guest can take a photo, send it in, leave a caption, open the chat option for their picture to chat with the bride and groom or couple and can send money as a gift or to the honeymoon fund to the couples paypal account. Just one of many options available for your event.

SO CALL, EMAIL, OR MESSAGE US! For more information and to find out how you can take your event to the next level and beyond.

Example of I SPY GAME that goes great with the Live/Laugh/Love LIVE! Service. We can customize this for your Specific Event.

Example of what images look like on the TV Monitor or Projection Screen in the custom template during the event. This was from our Previous Sister Page PICME.LIVE