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These are some of the Most Popular Games and Activities during Wedding Receptions.



Shoe Game:

This is a great ice breaker, and gets everyone involved.

Set two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor.
Ask the bridal party to stand about 10′ in front of the chairs… brides maids/maid of honor on one side and groomsmen/best man on the other. Have the bride sit in the chair facing her bridesmaids…then have the groom remove both of the brides shoes. Have the groom then sit in the other chair facing his groomsmen and remove both of his shoes as well. Trade one shoe each so both the bride and groom have one of each of their shoes. Now you will announce “This game is to show how much the new Mr./Mrs. John and Jane Doe really know about each other… I will ask you a question and you raise the shoe that you think best fits the answer to the question… alright here’s a practice question…”Right now, who has the most cash on them?”Sometimes you’ll see some great hesitation faces like their really not sure, or even better when you ask a question like… “Who wears the pants in the family”… Sometimes the bride will put up her shoe, and the groom will put up his.

Questions: Just examples and some common ones feel free to add/subtract/or add your own.

1) Who wakes up first in the morning?

2) Who takes the longer shower?

3) Who spends the most time getting ready to go out

4) Who is more into their looks?

5) Who is the biggest flirt?

6) Who is the more serious person?

7) Who is more creative?

8) Who is the jokester?

9) Who is more outgoing?

10) Who is more likely to get injured?

11)Who made the first move?

12)Who said “I LOVE YOU” first?

13) Who’s the better cook?

14) Who has the wackiest family?

15) Who’s the better driver?

16) Who’s the faster driver ?

17)  Who spends more money?

18)  Who is in control of the checkbook?

19)  Who wears the pants in the family?

20)  Who is always right?

21)  Who is in charge of the remote?

22)  Who is more organized?

23)  Who will be doing most of the yard work?

24) Who is more likely to take care of a spider in the house?

25) Who is better at keeping secrets?

26)  If you haven’t already… Who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first?

27)  Now that you’re married, Who will be the first to say… “not tonight”.

28)  Who’s the better kisser?

29)  Who likes to show their affection the most?

30)  Who will be the first to fall asleep tonight?

31)  Who has the smelliest feet?

32)  Who steals the cover’s more ?

33)  Who’s most likely to get lost?

34)  Who’s most likely to ask for directions?

35)  Who’s the most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning ?

36)  Who’s most likely to be running late?

37)  And finally… Who do you love the most in the whole wide world?

Bride & Groom Wedding Trivia Questions

These are just some questions that can be thrown in at random times during the evening to keep the guest involved or they can be used as small prize giveaway type questions.

1. Where did the bride and groom meet?
2.  Where was their first date?
3.  How long have they been dating?
4.  When did the bride and groom kiss for the first time?
5.  Where and how did the proposal take place?
6.  Where are they going on their honeymoon?
7.  How many pets do they own, what type, what are their names?
8.  When did the bride and groom’s parents meet for the first time?
9.  What is the bride and groom’s nicknames?
10.  How many siblings to the bride and groom have?
11.  What was the first weekend getaway or vacation they have taken together?
12.  Who picked the engagement ring?
13.  What are the middle names of the bride and groom?
14.  What is the bride and groom’s favorite sport?
15.  How many kids to the couple plan on having?
16.  What was the first job in their life?
17.  What college did they attend , what major?
18.  Who does all of the cleaning where they live together?
19.  Who traveled the furthest to get to the wedding?
20.  What is the couples favorite style of music? Dance?
21.  What is the couples favorite drink?
22.  What is the couples favorite food?
23.  What is the couples favorite color?

Love Counts

For this wedding game, you will need bags of Hershey’s Kisses, a bucket or box, and the arms of the bride and groom. In this game we’ve titled, “How Much Love Can You Hold For Me?”, the goal is to guess how many Kisses the bride and groom can hold in their hands! This simple game is perfect for a reception of any size.
Round up all the guests who would like to participate in this game. Have the groom dip his hands into a bucket full of Hershey’s Kisses to grab as many as he can. With the Kisses still in his hands, the guests must now guess how many Kisses he is holding. As the groom patiently waits and balances all the Kisses still in his hands, have all the guests help in the counting process. The one with the closest guess to the final count will win a prize. Now, it’s time for the bride to see how many Kisses she can hold!
Modified version: Have the bride try to pile on as many Kisses as she can onto the groom. She can place them wherever she wants to but he cannot drop them! In this modified version, all the guests can be involved cheering the bride as she piles the Kisses higher and higher onto the groom!

Tribute to the Best

Give a little something back to your guests at the wedding reception. This is a fun way to start the evening off and helps to warm up them up for the more interactive wedding games to come as the night progresses.
To celebrate the beginning of your new journey with your husband, why not celebrate the triumphs and ‘bests’ of your guests? Have your MC announce a “Tribute to the Best”! Give a lavish gift to the couple that has been married the longest (is that not inspiring?), the most loving couple, the most active couple, and any other couples you admire. Fancy twist: During this segment of the night, why not also pay a special tribute to both sets of parents with a little video montage of their lives?

 When is Your Birthday?

This is a simple wedding game aimed to help the bride and groom give away their beautiful centerpieces to the guests.  Have the MC announce that the person at each table with the birthday closest to the bride and groom’s wedding day will become the proud owner of the centerpiece at his/her table. Jazz up this game by using birthdays to select your guests for a raffle draw! Other ideas: Hide a trinket under one chair at each table; place a special sticker under one plate at each table; first person to sing at each table; first person that used the bathroom at each table…and the list goes on, but you get the idea.

Artists at Work:

Bring out the hidden creative talents of your guests with this fun game called “Artists at Work”. Gather a group of willing guests who will instantly be transformed into the next Picasso.
Give each a sheet of paper and a large tip marker (allowing seated guests to see the final products). The objective: to draw a picture for the newlywed conveying their well wishes in 30 seconds! The bride and groom will choose the two finalists and the rest of the guests can choose the winner by applause!

Counting For Flowers:

Instead of tossing the bouquet to the bridesmaids, set up a jar of marbles in colors that
match the wedding reception decor. Make an announcement during speech time that each unmarried
female attendee must guess how many marbles are in the jar. The guests should write down their
answers on their name placement cards. At the end of the evening, collect the answers and
determine the winner, who is then presented with the bouquet.

Musical Chairs:

Play this game the traditional way–the disc jockey or band plays a tune, then stops suddenly.
Guests then try to quickly find a seat. Each table of guests should be short one chair. In this
way, after each round, one person will be out at each table. When only one person is left at
each table, he or she wins the table center piece.

Wedding Garter Relay:

Here’s another wedding reception activity for the male audience. Divide the guests into two teams. Place a chair a few yards away from the participants. Have the teams flip a coin to see which will go first.
-The coin-toss winners then select one of their team members to sit on the chair. At the sound of a whistle
or other signal, the first team member in line dashes to the man in the chair, with the bride’s garter in
his hands. He hurries to place the garter on the calf of the seated member. The two then switch places, and the garter-wearer runs to the line, quickly removes the garter, hands it to the next man in line and goes to the back of the line.
-The new holder of the garter runs to the man in the chair and places it on the sitter’s leg, and the game
continues in this fashion. When the last man has received the garter and has run back to the line, a timer
goes off.
-The next team does the same. The team that performs the relay the fastest is the winner.


The good old-fashioned raffle drawing. Give a card with a number on it to each guest when they arrive, and have a box with the same numbers for a drawing for “prizes”. The prizes don’t have to be expensive, but everyone loves winning something, and with the inclusion of items such as a mini barbeque grill, the guests will rush to take part. You could also raffle the bride’s bouquet, or a special dessert of some sort.

Name Finding:

Get a 3 x 3 inch piece of paper and write one guest’s name on each. Give each guest a pen (use multiple colored pens) and randomly hand out the pieces of paper – the guest needs to find the person whose name is on the paper. This not only gets guests involved, but once the drawings are all collected they can be pasted on a big piece of cardboard and
used as a personalized memorabilia for the the bride & groom.